Hannecard, expert in rubber & polyurethane roller coverings and sleeves since 1896, offers a wide range of custom-made elastic mandrel sleeves.
All Our mandrel sleeve solutions assure excellent functionality & guarantee a long lifetime.

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Why use mandrel sleeves?

  • Assure grip
  • Prevent or reduce coil damage
  • Increase the coil inside diameter
  • Protect the steel sheet
  • Protect the mandrel mechanism from dust, which can affect operations
  • Make coil change-out quick & easy
  • Eliminate head end breaks & mandrel marks
  • Avoid marks on the first wrapping of the coil
  • Minimize coil I.D. deformation
  • Replace metal or plastic adapter parts

Our mandrel sleeves

A wide range of possibilities

Hannecard offers a unique range of elastic rubber & polyurethane mandrel sleeves, for all mandrel types & sizes. Available in thicknesses between 4mm & 120mm, our mandrel sleeves come in all possible finishes: smooth or rough finish, inside or outside bevels & with different groove patterns including diamond, spreader, axial & rhombic (for a better water & oil release).


  • Standard option for un- and rewinding coils
  • Good cut & wear resistance


  • Preferred option for rewinding coils
  • Maximum reduction of coil damage (broken strip effect)
  • Good cut & wear resistance


  • Preferred option for unwinding coils
  • Excellent cut & wear resistance

Our elastomer characteristics

Good shape-stability & mechanical resistance Outstanding shrinking & expansion behavior Excellent resistance to protective oils & grease Permanent elasticity Perfect behavior in dilatation & shrinking High durability

Our rubber sleeve benefits

  • Reduce scrap due to the inner-winding of the coil
  • Maintain friction between mandrel surface & sleeve
  • Eliminate head end breaks & marks
  • Avoid telescoping during winding
  • Improve grip between sleeve & coil

Our services

  • Tailor-made solutions
  • The highest quality rubber & polyurethane compounds
  • Technical advice on choice of materials, hardness & dimensions
  • Deformation calculation based upon customer traction values
  • Advice on exterior & interior finish specifications
  • Customer follow-up regarding performance & lifetime
  • Quick & worldwide delivery